Post Graduate Certificate – Brain Body Medicine

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Brain Body Medicine
Compulsory for Diploma Level Course

This course explores why people can find themselves ‘trapped’ in old belief systems, negative thinking and habitual ideas that do not contribute to living happy healthy lives. It provides a deeper understanding of the simple and practical tools we can use to help adopt a more positive and healthier thinking process.

It includes in-depth exploration of how and why particular thinking patterns manifest into specific physical illness. Based on scientific research and humanistic psychology, this course takes the mystery out of ‘mind body medicine’ and brings a popular theory into a new light as a concrete healing modality.

​Post Graduate Certificate.
Pre-requisite: Certificate in Meditation Therapy  and Holistic Human Development.

17 & 18 July 2021 – Modules 1 – 4

Class times: 9.30 – 5.00

Venue: Inner Sky Training Academy – Sydney


Meditation Association Qualification

Post-Graduate Certificate
Post Graduate Certificate in Brain Body Medicine
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