Terms and Conditions

Course Fees and Refunds:
If paying the full course fee, this fee must be paid in full on enrolment.
If choosing to pay by monthly instalments, the sign-up fee must be paid on enrolment. Students will receive a payment plan and must maintain the agreed payment amount on time. Students who do not maintain regular course fee payments, will not be able to continue to attend classes or have course work assessed. Instalment plan payments begin prior to the first module of training. Course fees and part thereof are non-refundable. Students who have paid course fees in full or in part, who are un-enrolled due to failure to submit course work, or who have a change in circumstance, or mind, and wish to discontinue their course, will forfeit their course fee. Students using half-yearly, monthly or weekly payment plans, who are un-enrolled due to failure to attend, or who have a change in circumstance, or mind, and wish to discontinue their course, may still be required to honour their payment plan and payout their course fee or part thereof. This is because expenses will have been incurred in view of the students expected participation. Budgets will have been set in anticipation of the students commitment to the payment plan and because the student has committed to filling a place in the class that cannot be allocated to another student after the commencement of the course, thereby denying the college the ability to recoup the funds through any other means. We will always do our best to assist students to complete the course and may offer alternatives in some extreme circumstances, to assist students in financial difficulty, however this cannot be guaranteed in all situations. Please talk to us if you need further information or assistance. Course fees are to be paid via online bank deposit or credit card online or via PayPal and required on enrolment.  Places cannot be held for enrolments submitted without an accompanying payment. 3. Deferrals: Students who cannot participate in the course due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, may be able to defer to a later course date, at the Directors discretion. 4.  In the unlikely event we are unable to deliver the course due to circumstances beyond our control, the course may be put on hold and deferred to a later date which will be as soon as possible. 5. Class cancellations: In the very unlikely event that a class needs to be deferred due to circumstances beyond our control, students will be notified via text message, email and through the colleges Facebook page.  6. In the event of any circumstances beyond our control which require classes to be cancelled, fees will not be refunded, and every effort will be made to deliver the training course via an alternative method. 7. Any student who uses behaviour that is offensive, upsetting, aggressive or disruptive to the class (online or in-person) may be expelled after two warnings have been issued in writing, outlining the nature of the unsuitable behaviour. If a student is expelled, no refund of any course fees already paid will be available and no graduation certificates will be issued. 8. While all care and due diligence are taken, please be advised that in the unlikely event that any harm or injury is caused by the practical application of any information or instruction supplied by Inner Sky Academy and their employees and representatives can accept no liability. Information supplied is not intended to replace medical advice.