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Build connection with your teenaged or pre-teen children
The Calm Connection Process is a mindfulness based program
designed to bring you back to centre, find some calm in your days and help you reconnect with your pre-teen or teenager.
The program draws on meditation practices, positive neuroplasticity and positive psychology exercises to shift the dynamic between you and your offspring.

Each week you'll learn practical exercises and strategies to help you
* reduce frustration, anger and reactivity.
* develop inner calm and confidence
* increase self-compassion
* develop an emotional first aid-kit
* grow inner strengths for connection
* navigate conflicts with ease and grace

Chris uses a mix of positive neuroplasticity exercises, mindfulness based meditation practices and positive psychology strategies to explore and improve challenges in relationship dynamics from the inside out. Chris Phillips helped me through one of the most difficult years in my parenting. She did it with high expertise, professionalism and compassion for both myself and my son. ​ I cannot commend her skills highly enough. She is the go-to person for anyone who needs sane and expert advice on managing difficult relationships, particularly in the ups and downs of parenting.

– Professor Catharine Lumby

Working with Chris on improving my relationships with both my teenage daughter and my early 20’s son was life changing. It worked so well and so quickly that I am now trying the positive psychology system in other areas of my life.

When I started with Chris, I rated the communication with my daughter at ‪2/10. We could barely look at each other much less have a productive conversation. Within a week I noticed I actually felt differently towards her. I started to expect the best from my daughter … and to my delight I started to get it. Within 2 weeks I was rating the communication at ‪8/10.
With Chris’s expert guidance and just the right challenges and encouragement at just the right times it went from being the thing I most wanted to improve in my life to the relationship I cherish most.

Reprogramming the neural pathways can create a mighty powerful force. That is very obvious to me. I’m glad I had Chris to simplify the exercises, guide, and harness that force with me along the way.

​– Annie Breslin. Film Editor.

I have my child back.
– Anon.



1 hour @ week x 4 weeks.
Mondays 7.00 – 8.00 pm
Group size: Max 12 participants.
​One on one sessions available by appointment.
VENUE: Zoom.
Private Session Fee Structure:  Sliding scale, from $50 – $160 a session, based on what you can afford.
Just email and let me know what you’d like to pay for the session.


Meditation Association Qualification

The Calm Connection Process
4 week Program

Max 12 Participants.

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The Calm Connection Process
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